Who We Serve Best

Because we are affiliated with a Wealth Management firm, we have found that there are a several groups of people we tend to serve best.


Pre-Retirees & Recently Retired

We understand the complicated tax situation that many pre-retirees and those recently retired face.  With your income often changing dramatically during this period of your life, it brings its own set of challenges as well as tax planning opportunities.  We can help navigate this important and exciting time in your life; advising on RMDs, timing and sourcing of withdrawals, and limiting the overall tax drag on your investment income as you draw down assets.  With the right tax planning, we can make sure more of your money stays with you and your loved ones and out of the hands of the IRS. 


Professionals and Executives

We understand the unique tax planning needs of professionals and executives. Strategic tax planning around incentive stock options, RSUs, and concentrated positions are just a few of the opportunities we advise on.  High income earners often are paying a lot in taxes, which means there are opportunities to reduce taxes through proper planning.  We can you fully utilize your employee benefits, ensuring you choose the best option for you.  Because of our expertise in wealth management we can also help make your investment portfolio as tax efficient as possible utilizing tax-loss harvesting, asset location strategies, and avoiding unnecessary turnover and capital gains.  Fully integrated tax planning around not only your earned income but also your investment income ensures true tax efficiency.

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