How much does it cost?

You'd might be surprised that we can usually prepare your taxes at a lower cost than the large national tax prep chains AND with higher quality. Your actual tax prep fee depends on your personal tax situation. Simple returns (with State filing) start at $85 and go up from there.


Will a CPA prepare my return?

Maybe. One of the owners, James, is a practicing CPA and prepares many of the tax returns. Our other staff is fully trained to prepare taxes and every return is reviewed before filing.


How can you help with Financial Planning and Investments?

Our affiliated company, Phillip James Financial, handles all of the wealth management and works on a fee-only basis. We can see if it's a good fit for you when you are at your tax meeting.


What if I don't want to file my taxes?

It's the law.


Why should I use a professional tax preparer?

Professional Tax Preparation can actually save you money by finding additional credits and deductions but more importantly they save you time and frustration.


I want to deduct my dog as a dependent.

That's not even a question. But no, you cannot deduct any pets as a dependent. (Exceptions might apply for a seeing eye dog).

How many tax returns are filed every year in the United States?

About 250 million.

Ok, enough questions for now.