Different Way to alert the IRS


Yes you do. If you recall from our last blog post Tax To-Do List for Recently Married Couples, this is one of the things you should do if you move residences after you get married but it’s a good idea anytime you move. This article will tell you exactly how to do it.


There are 4 different ways to let the IRS know that you’ve moved. It’s doesn’t matter how you do only that you do. You don’t want to miss out on importance IRS correspondence. Also, it’s always a good idea to use mail forwarding from the post office. It’s free and I believe can be set up for the next 6 months. Keep in mind that not all post offices forward government checks so while it will ensure your mail will be forwarded it might not forward your refund check. So be wary.

The easiest way to notify the IRS of a move is When Filing Your Tax Return. If you change your address right before you file your tax return just enter your new address on your return when you file and then magically (or administratively) when your return in processed the IRS will update their records. While this is by far the easiest, if you are not filing your return anytime soon you should update your address using one of the other means.

Another easy way is to simply fill out the IRS’ change of address form - 8822. You also have to fill out a form 8822-B, Change of Address or Responsible Party — Business, for your small business and send them to the address shown on the forms. Any entity with an employer identification number (EIN) must file Form 8822-B to report to the IRS the latest change to its responsible party.

With the new internet spreading like wildfire you can change your address using an Electronic Notification. However, this can only be done if your refund check was returned to the IRS. Use Where's My Refund? to complete your change of address online. You will need your Social Security number, filing status and the amount of your refund.

Finally you can notify the IRS the old-fashioned way, In Writing. To do this you need to write a letter that includes the following information:

  • Full name
  • Old and new addresses
  • Social Security number, individual taxpayer identification number or employer identification number, and
  • Signature

Mail your letter to the same address where you filed your tax return last year.

And finally you can notify the IRS of your address change verbally. This can be done at a local IRS office or on the phone. The IRS just needs to verify your identity and address. You should have the same information listed above ready for the IRS agent when you call. 

Important Note: If you are a joint filer (married filing jointly) you will need to provide the same information and signatures from both spouses. If you are separated, still file a joint return, and you and your spouse have different residences, you both need to notify the IRS of your new addresses.